Anupama 15th February 2023 Written Update: Rakhi and Leela Fight

anupama 15th february 2023 written update

In the latest episode of the show, Rakhi gets upset with Leela for criticizing Kinjal. Kinjal tries to diffuse the situation by asking Rakhi to let it go, but Rakhi refuses to back down. She accuses Leela of being unfair to Kinjal and argues that if she had been present when Toshu fell down, Leela would have sent her to jail.

Rakhi goes on to point out that Leela did not comfort Pari when Kinjal was out, and could have called Pakhi instead. She questions why Leela only acknowledges Pari when she is silent and ignores her when she is crying. Leela remains arrogant and continues to behave badly towards Rakhi, while Rakhi continues to point out her wrongdoings.

Vanraj tries to intervene and asks Rakhi to calm down, but Rakhi argues that they are treating Kinjal like a servant. Leela suggests that Rakhi should give Kinjal a work leave, but Rakhi questions why Kinjal should clean Toshu’s feces and work like a servant. Leela continues to be dismissive, and Vanraj tries to remind Rakhi that they are dignified people.

Rakhi accuses Vanraj and Leela of treating Kinjal poorly and making her life a living hell. She points out that Anupama is happy because of her own efforts, and that Leela will continue to trouble both her and Kinjal. Kinjal tries to calm everyone down, but Pari starts crying, adding to the chaos.

Samar receives a video call from Anupama and tries to keep her from knowing about the fight. Anupama asks if everything is okay, but Samar lies and says everything is fine. She shows Toshu on the video call, and he thinks he needs his mother but doesn’t want to trouble her because of the argument.

Rakhi questions Leela and Kinjal’s treatment of Kavya, and Leela becomes frustrated with having to cook. She suggests hiring a maid and male nurse, but Rakhi accuses them of wanting to trouble only their bahus. Vanraj tries to defend himself, but Hasmukh interrupts and tells them to manage their pain and share it instead of increasing it.

Vanraj walks to his room and recalls Rakhi’s taunts regarding Kavya. He tries to call her but finds her number not reachable and heads to her workplace.┬áIn conclusion, the latest episode of the show highlights the ongoing tension and conflict between the two families, particularly between Rakhi and Leela.

Precap: Meanwhile, Maaya peeps into Anuj and Anupama’s room, but Barkha notices her and she hides.


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