Anupama 21st February 2023 Written Update: Anuj Chooses Maya over Anupama

maaya in anupama

Maaya checks the list of items she packed for Little Anu’s picnic and asks her if she needs anything else. Little Anu replies with a sad face and says “mummy.” Maaya understands that Toshu is ill and needs his mother, which is why Anupama couldn’t attend the picnic. Maaya tickles Little Anu and shows her a handmade keychain with their names, which Little Anu thinks is cool.

Meanwhile, Leela is pounding haldi/turmeric and cussing Anupama for choosing to attend Little Anu’s picnic instead of Toshu’s doctor’s checkup. Hasmukh tries to defend Anupama by saying that she is also needed by the family and it’s just a checkup. However, Leela argues that no one can take a mother’s place, and Toshu would feel good with Anupama’s presence.

Anupama sadly packs Anuj’s bag and apologizes for not accompanying him and Little Anu to the picnic. Anuj comforts her by saying that he feels sad more than her but doesn’t want any issues between them. Anupama reveals that she feels hurt despite understanding the situation, and Anuj tells her to speak her mind.

The next morning, Anupama gets Little Anu ready for the picnic and advises her to take care of herself and her father. Maaya walks over, and Anupama tells her what Little Anu likes and how she packed her stuff. Anupama watches Little Anu leave and feels a sense of sadness as her hand slips from hers.

Anuj walks up to her and asks her to take care of herself. Anupama tells him to send her picnic pics if possible, and he drives off with Little Anu and Maaya. Anupama stands waving goodbye with tears in her eyes and receives a call from Vanraj, who’s getting romantic with Kavya. Kavya pushes him away and reminds him that he has no feelings left for her and that she will not let him break her again.

Meanwhile, Anuj, Little Anu, and Maaya reach the picnic venue, and the pass checker welcomes them as Mr. and Mrs. Kapadia. Anuj clarifies that Maaya is not his wife but Little Anu’s biological mother.

Precap: Anupama feels sad at home, recalling Anuj’s words, and Maaya walks holding Anuj’s hand without him minding.


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