GHKKPM Spoiler: Bhavani Helps Sayi and Virat

sayi in ghkkpm

GHKKPM Spoiler: Bhavani Helps Sayi and Virat

The current storyline of the popular television show Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein features Sayi and Savi moving to the Chavan Niwas. Sayi is determined to heal Vinu’s troubled mental state and eradicate the hatred he harbors.

However, Pakhi is against Sayi’s plans and even attempts to take Vinu away from the Chavan Niwas. Virat intervenes and stops her.

In the upcoming storyline, Sayi decides to shift to the outhouse to avoid being around Vinu while executing her plans. This decision leads to a twist in the tale, as Bhavani decides to play her mind games.

As Sayi cleans the outhouse, she unwittingly becomes the target of Bhavani’s plan. Bhavani manipulates Virat into taking care of Sayi, leading to unexpected sparks between them.

A lizard scares Sayi, causing her to fall, and Virat rushes to her aid. Their proximity leads to a new spark between them, which they have never experienced before.

The story now takes an interesting turn, and it remains to be seen what happens next.

The audience eagerly anticipates the next steps in the storyline, especially the development of the newfound bond between Virat and Sayi.

The show promises to deliver more twists and turns, making it an exciting watch for the viewers.


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