Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st February 2023 Written Update: Sai And Savi Return To Chavan Nivas

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Virat tells Pakhi that Sai will not come to Chavan Nivas. However, to everyone’s surprise, Sai enters the house with Savi, her daughter. Savi happily hugs Virat, and Bhavani feels happy to see her. Savi tears Virat’s signed adoption papers and says that she now realizes that Virat is her biological father, and Chavan Nivas is also her house. She happily proclaims that she is Savi Chavan, not Savi Joshi, and wants to stay permanently in Chavan Nivas with her baba, Vinu dada, and grandparents. Everyone claps for her.

Pakhi stops Savi from meeting Vinu, who is sleeping. Bhavani suggests that it’s time for Vinu to know who his real family is, and Savi should inform him about the same. Ashwini asks who informed Savi about Virat being her biological father, but Bhavani dismisses the question, saying that they should be happy instead.

Pakhi starts shouting and accuses Sai of being the one who informed Savi. However, Sai warns Pakhi to stop her nonsense and reveals that Pakhi had forcefully become a surrogate and tried to take Vinu away from his family. She also accuses Pakhi of brainwashing Vinu and filling his mind with toxicity. Pakhi tries to throw Sai’s bags out of the house, but Virat stops her.

Savi visits Vinu and informs him that she is here to stay permanently, as they are biological siblings, and Virat is their biological father. Vinu panics and asks who informed her about it, but Savi doesn’t know. Vinu refuses to let her stay, and Pakhi starts shouting again, saying that she will leave the house with her son. Virat promises Pakhi that he will not let Sai take Vinu away from her, but Pakhi says that he always breaks his promises.

In the precap, Sai slips from a table and falls, and Virat holds her to prevent her from getting hurt. Bhavani notices their interaction, and the episode ends.

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