Meet 20th January Written Update: Meet Panics as Manushi gets Closer

meet 20th january 2022 written update

Meet 20th January Written Update: Meet Panics as Manushi gets Closer

The episode starts with Meet disguising as a Baba and going to Anubha. They call him in and he asks if it is Paap ki Kamai or Mehnat ki and Anubha reveals how Meet has worked hard for it and Baba taunts them for taking money from a married daughter and Anubha asks him to leave if he doesn’t want to take but asks him not to blame her daughter anymore.

Meet asks her what is the problem then why was she not taking the money and removes her disguise she reveals how Manushi is and she is eyeing Meet Ahlawat and asks Meet to take care of her marriage. Meet asks Anubha to trust her Damaadji and Anubha is still restless.

On the other hand, Manushi gives Manja to Tej and he spins the Manja around himself Meet removes it and asks him to hold the Manja and he will fly the kite. Manushi will pull the Manja and Meet hands gets cut and he asks Esha to get the first aid kid.

Manushi smirks as she has hidden the kit and tears and ties her dupatta around his palm. Meet panics and leaves from there while Manushi smirks. Meet calls Meet and she doesn’t pick up, he makes her name with the sweet he earlier made.

Meet 20th January Written Update: Meet questions Manushi

Meet comes home and sees Babita panicking as the stylist isn’t here. Meet pins the saree and Babita shouts at her. Manushi drapes the saree around Meet and Babita says she did a good job and Manushi reveals how she was always interested in designer clothes and Babita gives her a dress.

Manushi gets very happy and Meet asks her how is she feeling now, she reveals that she is feeling well and praises her inlaws and says they are good people and she didn’t know until now. Meet thinks about Manushi stealing Meet Ahlawat from her.

Precap: Meet feeds Meet the sweet and Meet speaks to herself that she isn’t ready to share her husband Meet with anyone and thinks he will always be hers and smiles.


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