Meet Spoiler: Anubha understands Manushi’s intentions

Meet Spoiler

Meet Spoiler: Anubha hurts Meet

Meet is gearing up for some interesting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

It was earlier seen that Meet Hooda is still taking the responsibility of Anubha and Dadi.

Anubha asks Meet not to do that anymore as she can take care of herself and her Saasumaa and she has to concentrate on her life as well.

Meet tries to convince Anubha but she doesn’t listen to anything and asks Meet to leave the house.

Meet gets hurt and stops giving out deliveries and decides to go home.

Meet Spoiler: Anubha understands Manushi’s intentions

Anubha understands why Manushi is staying at Meet’s sasural and reveals how low can Manushi stoop and worries for Meet.

Dadi asks her to be strong as no matter what Manushi does, good will always win over evel.

Will Meet understand Manushi’s intentions before it is too late?

Stay tuned to find out more gossips, spoilers and updates about your favourite serials.



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