Meet Spoiler: Sunaina accepts Babita’s shocking request

Meet Spoiler

Meet Spoiler: Babita’s dirty accusations on Sunaina

Meet is gearing up for some interesting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes.

It was earlier seen that Babita doesn’t want Sunaina to come near Tej as she feels that Sunaina has left Tej and married someone else.

Sunaina requests her but she doesn’t let her and accuses her character of returning back after her suhaagraat.

Sunaina gets taken aback but clarifies that nothing happened between Ravi and her but Babita doesn’t listen to her.

Meet Spoiler: Sunaina accepts Babita’s shocking request

Babita then puts a shocking condition before Sunaina that she has to get herself medically examined in order for her to come closer to Tej.

Sunaina accepts the same as she wants nothing than to return to Tej’s life but Meet stops her.

Meet doesn’t want Sunaina to lose her self respect and dignity and Babita gets shocked.

How will Meet react to Babita’s dirty request?

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