Naagin 19th February 2023 Written Update: Raghu Prathna get Married


Prarthana and Raghu are seen doing aarti in front of the idol of Shiv ji. The idol sparkles and the 9 snakes, including Naagraj Takshak, appear and ask them to accept each other as husband and wife in the temple the following day. Prarthana is surprised that Raghu is Shesh Naag and she is Shesh Naagin. Raghu expresses his pride and tells her that he is proud of her for facing all her problems alone. Prarthana reveals that she has killed all her enemies and that the last enemy left is Seema.

Prarthana confronts Seema and tells her that she has snatched her family, love, and everything. Prarthana tells Raghu that she will throw Seema into the lava pit. Raghu, who has transformed into a snake, goes with her to the pit, where Prarthana throws Seema inside after praying to Shiv ji. Raghu and Prarthana then get married, and Naagraj Takshak and others bless them. They exchange garlands and take rounds, and Raghu fills Prarthana’s maang with sindoor. They also pour milk on the Shivling and take blessings.

After the wedding, Anant naag tells them that he is going to Naag lok to handle his responsibilities. Naagraj Takshak tells the others that they will not go now, and their lives will change. A baby will come in Shesh Naagin’s womb who will be born with immense powers.

Seven months later, Raghu is selling jewelry, and a lady asks him to show naagin jewelry. Raghu shows the jewelry and tells the lady that he doesn’t believe in naagin. The lady reveals that her saas is a naagin and calls her over. Prarthana arrives and tells the lady that Raghu is her husband and the owner of the store. Sonia and Gautam come and tell them that the kids are at home and making arrangements for Prarthana’s godh bharayi. Raghu promises that they will name all their 8 children whatever they earn.

After leaving the store, a hoodie guy saves Prarthana and warns her not to look at the moon that night. Prarthana asks who he is, but the driver comes and takes her away. Prarthana is curious about the man who saved her, but the driver says that today is the night of the full moon.

In the next scene, Prarthana is seen at the baby shower, and the ladies are applying haldi to her. The hoodie guy arrives and says he has come to apply haldi. Prarthana asks him why he saved her, but he doesn’t answer and leaves. Prarthana is intrigued and wonders who he is.

Later, Prarthana is seen at the temple, where she offers milk to Shiv ji’s idol. The hoodie guy arrives again, and Prarthana confronts him. He reveals that he is the reincarnation of Raghu, and his name is Ritik. Prarthana is shocked, and they both go to a secluded place to talk. Ritik tells her that he has come back to complete the unfinished task of killing Yamini and her family.

In the next scene, Yamini is seen at her house, where she is talking to her son Rocky. Rocky tells her that he has met the reincarnation of Ritik and that he is here to kill them. Yamini is shocked and tells her husband that they have to leave the city immediately.

The episode ends with Prarthana asking Ritik why he wants to kill Yamini and her family, and Ritik saying that they killed him in his previous life


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