Pandya Store 21st February 2023 Written Update: Rishita’s Emotional Breakdown


Shweta goes out to find Natasha and eventually brings her home. The family is ecstatic to see her and gets emotional, recalling their first meeting with her. However, Natasha refuses to stay and demands to be taken to her Mumbai house. Suman, Gautam, and Rishita suggest telling the truth to the children, but Dhara insists that they wait until they are older. Meanwhile, Shweta schemes to make her next move to shock the Pandyas.

The episode begins with Shweta going out to look for Natasha, who had made fun of the kids. Chiku warns Shesh not to confront Natasha as they will get scolded by Dadi. Dev comes home, and Rishita asks him where he went. Dhara advises against telling the truth to Chutki, as she is still a young and innocent child who may get scared. Gautam suggests that they explain the situation to her, but Rishita is more concerned about whether Chutki will call her “Maa.”

Raavi goes to see Shiva, and the family worries about what Natasha may have told her. Shweta later finds Natasha and tells her that she can teach the kids a lesson later. Dhara reminds the family that they need to consider Natasha’s mental state and be patient with her. Suman agrees, saying that they need to remove Shweta from their lives and ensure that Chutki stays with them.

After Shweta brings Natasha home, everyone becomes emotional and recalls their first meeting with her. However, Natasha refuses to stay and demands to be taken to her Mumbai house. Suman and Rishita both feel that Natasha is their Chutki, and Shweta suggests that Natasha stays with them. However, Natasha calls Rishita a “bad aunty” for scolding her and throws away the chocolates Dhara offers her.

Suman suggests introducing Chutki to the kids, and everyone happily welcomes her. Shesh complains that they are getting punished because of her, but Natasha claims that as a celebrity, she deserves special treatment. The family tries to do a tilak ceremony for Chutki, but Natasha objects, causing Rishita to cry.

Shweta smiles and thinks about her next move to shock the Pandyas.

In the pre-cap, Prerna arrives to make her place in the Pandya house, but Shweta says she won’t let her.

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