Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Tested Positive for COVID 19

super junior’s eunhyuk

On January 20, Label SJ announced, That Eunhyuk has used a rapid antigen test and had tested positive. So he went on to get an RT PCR test which confirmed that he was indeed positive for Covid 19. The next day, Label SJ has released an official statement regarding the same.

Hello, this is Label SJ.

On the morning of January 20, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk seemed to have tested positive during a precautionary rapid antigen detection test for COVID-19. He went to the hospital to get a follow-up PCR test and was told this evening that he was confirmed to have tested positive.

Eunhyuk completed the third dose of his COVID-19 vaccine in December, so he currently only has very minor symptoms. All of his scheduled activities have been put on pause, and he is resting safely while following the directions of the disease control authorities.

We have confirmed that Eunhyuk had no recent close contact with any of the other Super Junior members. Just in case, however, all of the members and their related staff are being tested.

Putting our artists’ health and safety as our top priority, the agency will do our best to support Eunhyuk’s speedy recovery. We will also faithfully follow the directives and requests of the disease control authorities.

Recently Eunhyuk was seen on Running Man as a guest and now the crew and hosts of Running Man will be undergoing tests soon. Yoo Jae Suk and HaHa were in the middle of a shoot for MBC’s “How Do You Play?”

When they got the news and immediately went to get tested at a nearby testing centre. The other cast and staff members of “How Do You Play?” resumed filming after testing negative using self-testing kits. Eunhyuk has completed three doses of the vaccine and his symptoms are mild as stated by his agency.

Wishing Eunhyuk a Speedy and healthy recovery.


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